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Deputy Ministry of Tourism Grant Scheme for Beach Planning and Safety

The Deputy Ministry of Tourism has informed the coastal municipalities and communities of the launch of the grant scheme for beach planning and safety projects, with an emphasis on improving infrastructure for people with disabilities during the 2019-2020 period.

Beneficiaries of the project will be local authorities such as municipalities and Community councils.

Based on the plan, part of the expenditure for projects related to:

a) strengthen the organisation and safety of beaches with the necessary equipment e.g. cleaning and recycling bins, lifeguards.

b) improvement of existing beach infrastructure for people with disabilities, related to mobility difficulties and infrastructure for other groups of people with disabilities e.g. ramps and beach corridors, amphibious wheelchairs, additions to existing sanitation facilities to serve people with disabilities, signs for the visually impaired in Braille.

Aid under this scheme is granted on the basis of the approved budget of the Deputy Ministry of Tourism for 2019 and 2020.

The amount of the grant is set up to 70 percent of the net projected cost (excluding VAT) for each eligible object, infrastructure project and up to a maximum of EUR15,000 per local authority.