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Augsburg Augsburg

The German City Augsburg Awarded as a World Heritage City

At its 43rd session held recently in Baku, Azerbaijan, the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO, granted the Augsburg Application of the ‘Augsburg Water Management System’ with the exclusive UNESCO World Heritage title.

At this meeting, 36 proposals were identified from around the world - three of them with German participation. The city's delight is huge and a major water festival was launched in the city centre.

Ulrich Müllegger, World Heritage Coordinator, UNESCO, said, "I am sure many people of Augsburg are happy with the World Heritage title and are proud of it. Water is the genetic code of our city, which formed the life between ‘Lech’ and ‘Wertach’ for more than two millennia. Water is a topic that everyone can use, regardless of gender, age or origin. The World Heritage title again gives Augsburg a special touch, which will be clearly noticeable from the inside, in the city itself, but also from the outside. But we, too, have entered into the obligation, in a certain way, to cultivate and preserve our cultural heritage with care for all humanity."