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Tourists can also experience the leisure aspect of the city. Kiev is deeply-rooted in religion – something that is evident throughout its attractions, all of which can be enjoyed by visitors regardless of personal beliefs.

One such example is Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, an 11th century monastery founded by two monks, where visitors can explore a number of caves with the relics of more than 100 saints, and where locals go to in order to have their wishes heard.

Within this highly-spiritual attraction, the Gate Church of the Trinity surely deserves a visit as it boasts a number of unique features, one of which is a rare portrayal of God the Father.

Another one of the city's best-known landmarks, the imposing Saint Sophia Cathedral stands nearly 30m tall oozing the architectural style visible throughout Kiev, as Ukrainian Baroque has proved to be a favourite for historical building reconstructions.

Designed to rival Hagia Sophia, Saint Sophia Cathedral has preserved its ancient interiors as well as its original 11th century collection of mosaics and frescoes, allowing culture enthusiasts to admire a monumental decoration that mirrors major theological ideas and is an exceptional example of Byzantine art.

Since 1990, Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra and Saint Sophia Cathedral are inscribed in UNESCO's World Heritage List as they represent outstanding complexes of cultural legacy monuments.

In addition, the wider Kiev area features family attractions which reflect centuries-old traditions and customs such as The Kievan Rus Park, a recreation of the city during the medieval times, which covers an area of 10ha.

Boasting beauty of nature, the region can also be proud of Naturalist, a complex encompassing a shop with locally-produced goods, a farm, a zoo, as well as a hotel and a restaurant which offers views of Krasne Pershe's peaceful lake.

When in Kiev, travellers can surely expect an experience quite different from any other European capital; as the city's tourism tagline promises… Everything Starts in Kyiv.