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Savvas Perdios Savvas Perdios

Q&A with Savvas Perdios, deputy minister of tourism, Cyprus

Savvas Perdios talks to Travel Trade Cyprus about the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, Cyprus, focus points and plans.

Travel Trade Cyprus: What are your initial and long term plans?

Savvas Perdios: We are setting out a vision by defining exactly what our business focus will be for the next decade. We want to think ‘out of the box’ and see how to promote ourselves abroad by identifying what the international trends are.

We want to follow six key trends or groups of travellers to target, namely:
1) Families with children i.e. the millennial families and redefining the family packages
2) The Cyprus market i.e. the local market
3) People over 50’s. To form more curated holidays for this segment
4) The retirement community
5) The short break segment. There are around 400 million people living approximately in a two hours flight from Cyprus, so to focus on this group.
6) The destination hopping market i.e. long haul travellers who spend between 10-15 days for holidays who visit more than one place. To target the right travel agents to source this market so that they can include Cyprus to their packages.

Travel Trade Cyprus: Tell us about the focus products and how this will be filtered out?

Savvas Perdios: It is our responsibility to develop our products into the above six targeted travellers.
Some of the product focus areas will be on are the wellness segment, for example, the quality of air, phototherapy and Vitamin D deficiency.
We will also look at gastronomy and the social experience around this that creates memories.
The products of MICE and casino entertainment will be developed, as well as due to the island’s marina product advancements, we will attract yachting, cruising and selling of berths.

Travel Trade Cyprus: What are the main geographical markets that focus will be placed?

Savvas Perdios: The family, sun and sea packages has and always will be our focus e.g. tourists from the UK and Russia.
In addition to this, we will also focus on certain countries for the over 50’s groups. We will target France, Holland, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Germany and the Scandinavian region.
Then we will look at the long-haul traveller and target the US, China, Japan, Korea and Canada through the combination packages.
The MENA and Gulf region will also be a very important market.

Travel Trade Cyprus: What are the Deputy Ministry of Tourism’s plans to increase connectivity to the island?

Savvas Perdios: The Deputy Ministry is talking to and approaching airlines to increase connectivity. We want to also focus on the nearby airlines such as in the MENA region.