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Giuseppe Liverino & Nanna Vestergaard Giuseppe Liverino & Nanna Vestergaard

Giuseppe Liverino & Nanna Vestergaard, Project Managers, Wonderful Copenhagen


TRAVEL TRADE EUROPE: What are Copenhagen’s competitive advantages over other Scandinavian destinations?

LIVERINO AND VESTERGAARD: Nowadays, Copenhagen is one of the leading gastronomic destinations in the world, and the capital of the new Nordic kitchen.

Copenhagen is home to restaurant Noma which was ranked best restaurant in the world in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014, and the city boasts 16 Michelin star restaurants and a total of 20 Michelin stars. [...]

Copenhagen is [also] known for the most vibrant nightlife in Scandinavia; colourful discos, cool clubs, trendy cocktail bars, charming wine bars, laid back beer bars and hip microbreweries.

Denmark is very safe and has a relaxed licensing law which allows most bars to stay open until 4am each night, making Copenhagen a perfect place for going out.

For decades, we have focussed on an urban planning that favours the bike as a first choice of transport.

The city is constantly expanding the network of bicycle lanes and [...] tourists can rent bikes from most hotels, bike shops and electric bikes by Bycklen from docking stations all around the city. [...]

Danish design, fashion and furniture are world famous and can be experienced everywhere in the city.

Danish design is known for its clean, simple lines, great materials and classic creations that never go out of style [and] blend in beautifully with the old historic buildings and palaces. [...]

Copenhageners are open-minded, relaxed and tolerant people, and the capital city has long been a playground for both gay Danes and tourists. [...]

Copenhagen Airport is the largest airport in Scandinavia and the best gateway of Northern Europe.

No airport in the region is better located, serves more destinations, welcomes more passengers or provides such a well-supported infrastructure. [...]

TRAVEL TRADE EUROPE: How do this year’s arrivals statistics for Denmark compare to previous years?

LIVERINO AND VESTERGAARD: For several years, tourism has experienced growth in Denmark, especially in the capital region of Copenhagen, where the number of bednights has grown 53 percent since 2009.

Most of our bednights are international, with a particular growth from the UK, US and the Southern European markets, such as Italy and Spain, where new direct flight connections to Copenhagen have been launched lately.

We have also noticed a remarkable growth from the Asian markets, especially China, as the number of Chinese bednights in Copenhagen has grown 240 percent since 2009.

Right after China, India and Japan are the largest Asian markets for Copenhagen, and especially India has grown in the past few years.

TRAVEL TRADE EUROPE: How important is the city’s culinary scene to Copenhagen’s overall image and positioning on the global tourism map?

LIVERINO AND VESTERGAARD: Nordic gastronomy [is] one of our focus areas when we promote our destination, and in the last decade we are becoming more and more known for our food scene.

We have seen a rise in culinary tourism lead by Michelin star restaurants such as Noma and Geranium but also because of events such as Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival.

Culinary tourists are still primarily coming from the European markets, but we have been noticing an increasing interest for new Nordic cuisine from all over the world.

TRAVEL TRADE EUROPE: How successful is the Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival?

LIVERINO AND VESTERGAARD: Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival gathers 80,000 locals and tourists as well as industry insiders every year.

It is a festival which includes a large number of the top restaurants and food producers in Greater Copenhagen and the interest from domestic as well as foreign chefs and food producers is increasing.

Although Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival is the largest food festival in Greater Copenhagen, small festivals are popping up all the time and every week Copenhagen has a new food festival, especially during the summer.