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Moscow Builds on Record Tourism Year

Moscow saw tourism numbers jump to a record 23,5 million visitors and total volume of tourist consumption and turnover of festivals in Moscow has reached USD13 billion in 2018.

The Russian capital’s unique blend of heritage sites and modern attractions is proving an irresistible combination; compared to 2010 with 12,8 million visitors, the number of tourists to the city has increased by 84 percent.

The successful hosting of the FIFA World Cup in 2019 which attracted 4,5 million tourists and recognised as the best ever by the FIFA Council is part of the city’s long-term strategy to increase tourist numbers.

The Moscow City Tourism Committee, the official body promoting the city as a tourist destination, was in force at this month’s Arabian Travel Market in Dubai, (April 28 - May 01).

Moscow City Tourism Committee see tremendous interest in Moscow from international markets and boosted in the Middle East including by reciprocal visa-free travel between Russia and the UAE and Gulf airline’s capacity. Moscow attracts tourists today with a wide palette of festivals, sports and cultural life, new public spaces, safe environment and unique atmosphere enjoyed by millions.

Alongside its broad range of cultural attractions, the committee will be promoting its established yet dynamic hotel industry and this year it is scheduled to put 17 new hotels into service, four times more than in 2018.

Gastronomy is becoming a new key driver with international visitors finding traditional and contemporary dishes to remind them of home. Today in Moscow there are about 12,000 cafés and restaurants, twice more than 10 years ago.