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Lawrence Ho and Savvas Perdios Lawrence Ho and Savvas Perdios

Cyprus Government and Melco Reaffirmed Mutual Goal

The newly appointed deputy minister of tourism, Savvas Perdios, was welcomed by Lawrence Ho, CEO, Melco Group, to Cyprus Casinos ‘C2’ Nicosia where they exchanged views on the deputy minister’s new strategy for tourism and Melco’s main objectives and goals for the City of Dreams Mediterranean Integrated Casino Resort (ICR) as well as the Cyprus Casinos properties.

Ho informed the deputy minister about the successful operations of the three Cyprus Casinos so far, as well as the design and construction planning for City of Dreams Mediterranean, which is expected to commence in the next few months.

Melco strongly believes that Cyprus can become an integral part of the international map of must-visit destinations by enhancing and augmenting its tourism product. It is the goal of both Cyprus Casinos and City of Dreams Mediterranean to function as a catalyst for creating a destination for all seasons and contribute to sustainable economic growth and growing the tourism market in Cyprus.

In his statement, Ho stressed Melco’s commitment to the project, asserting that, “Cyprus has all the prerequisites to enhance their reputation as a regional and global premium must-visit destination and emerge as a genuine point of reference for luxury tourism and responsible gaming.” He went on to note that the ICR will provide extraordinary benefits to Cyprus’ economy with a positive impact on the country’s Gross Domestic Product and in tackling unemployment.

Perdios said, “We consider Melco an important contributor to Cyprus’ tourism in establishing the island as a popular and must-visit destination. Our goals are aligned and we will have a close cooperation in establishing Europe’s biggest casino resort and putting Cyprus on the global tourism map.”

The two parties are also aligned with the goal of creating new quality jobs for local citizens. Melco’s vision is not only to create new jobs but also to upgrade the service experience in Cyprus by providing the Melco high standard of hospitality training for the local personnel, thus improving their career prospects. Currently, Melco employs 796 persons in Cyprus in various positions, the vast majority of those being Cypriot citizens.