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Royal Caribbean’s Odyssey Royal Caribbean’s Odyssey

Royal Caribbean Includes Cyprus to its Programme

Cyprus Deputy Ministry of Tourism welcomes the decision of Royal Caribbean, hailed as the largest cruise company in the world, to include Cyprus in its programme for the months of June, July and August of this year.

 It is also encouraging to know that the above initiative will be implemented with the its most modern and advanced ship, Odyssey which will be delivered soon.

 This cruise programme includes departure from Israel, then stops in Cyprus and Greece and finally a return to Israel. The ship is expected to dock in Cyprus around 15 times, within the period of June - August of this year, with the prospect of additional stations in the coming months.

        It is worth noting that a major role in the company's decision to implement the cruises was played by the agreement between the governments of Cyprus and Israel for handling, from April 01, without PCR tests or the need for self-restraint for Israeli citizens who received the vaccine.

        The passengers of the ship will all be Israelis, who have already been vaccinated. In addition, before boarding, travellers will present two negative tests while, during the cruise, they will be subject to additional checks.

             This important agreement for Cyprus was reached after tireless and intensive efforts of the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, which lasted about six months, after the whole project started in September 2020. It is noted that the agreement is a great success for cruise tourism for the island, which paves the way for further development, at a time when the impact of this sector, due to the pandemic, is huge.