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Top Markets for Holiday Visitors to Cyprus Top Markets for Holiday Visitors to Cyprus

Hermes Airports: Significant Improvement of Cyprus Tourism

After 18 challenging months due to the pandemic, and with traffic reaching its lowest point, the last few months demonstrate a substantial recovery which bears hopeful messages for a stable upturn, with the hope that the worst is behind us.  

Since the beginning of the pandemic – and during the various lockdowns- Hermes Airports have maintained an ongoing and vital communication with the airlines as well as the tourism stakeholders, as air connectivity for an island such as Cyprus is pivotal.

The organisation’s goal was - and still is - to be collectively proactive instead of reactive, and to act based on this mindset, to be prepared in all aspects, for the recovery of traffic.

This summer, despite the ongoing hesitation to travel from a significant portion of the public internationally, 50 airlines operated flights from Cyprus, out of the 70 which were operating flights in 2019, while most of them will continue to operate flights to our country during the winter months.

The results of the first eight months of this year show that there is still have a long way to cover to reach the pre-pandemic levels, as passenger traffic for the specific period was at 2,511,239, which corresponds to 33 percent of 2019 (for the respective period).

Nonetheless, the performance of the summer period indicates more optimistic trends as during August alone, passenger traffic reached 867,104 passengers, approximately 60 percent of 2019, while in June and July there were 440,944 and 772,136 passengers respectively. Indicative is the fact that in August 2020, passenger traffic did not exceed 296,266 (Larnaca Airport: 221,791/ Paphos Airport: 74,475).

It is also useful to observe how the travel map to and from Cyprus is shaped, as despite the consequences of the pandemic which has dramatically affected travels on an international level, there are trends worth noting. This year, contrary to previous ones, Hermes Airports had the opportunity to access a huge volume of data from the Cyprus Flight Pass which facilitate a qualitative analysis in real numbers, something which was previously done through a passenger survey.

The airport’s analysed the Cyprus Flight Pass data for the period May 25 – August 22, which have allowed a profile of the passenger traffic with useful information that the airport’s would like to share with the media and tourism stakeholders.

For the specific period, Hermes Airports processed more than one million unique data from the Cyprus Flight Pass, and they would like to thank the Ministry of Transport for granting them access to them, taking into consideration some weaknesses in the data calibration from the platform. Through these analysis and graphs, Hermes Airports attempt to shape a profile of the arriving and departing passengers for the summer traffic correlating parameters such as countries of origin, airlines, city of stay and types of accommodation.