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Helsinki Airport’s new extension, Aukio Helsinki Airport’s new extension, Aukio

Finavia Invests in Customer Experience

Helsinki Airport’s new extension, Aukio, opened on February 08 and boasts architecture, design and atmosphere, providing air passengers with a refreshing moment of rest and relaxation before their next flight.

“Aukio can rightfully be described as a display window for our country, as millions of international passengers get their first taste of Finland at the airport. Our focus throughout development has been on ensuring that passengers are left with an exceptionally positive impression of Finnish design, smoothness, nature and peace”, said, Joni Sundelin, director, Finavia.

The most important part of Aukio is the event plaza, where passengers are placed in the middle of Finnish nature. They get to experience the four seasons as well as the soothing, refreshing effects of nature through an immersive spatial experience that is a feast for all the senses.

“Locations where the event plaza’s 360 degree landscapes were filmed include Koli, Olos, Luosto, Yövesi in Saimaa and the Kalevankangas nature reserve in Mikkeli. Passengers get to witness the breath-taking Aurora Borealis, vibrant autumn colours, a rippling stream and the whistling wind. The central element of the forest-inspired plaza is a LED screen that is seventy-five metres in width and two metres in height. This combination of special technologies is unique on a global scale”, added, Heikki Koski, chief digital officer, Finavia.