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LOT and State Forests Support Project for CO2 Balance Improvement

LOT Polish Airlines will support an innovative project on counteracting the adverse effects of climate change implemented by State Forests.

This is yet another of many initiatives of the Polish carrier contributing to the improvement of CO2 balance in the atmosphere.

Maciej Wilk, management board member for operational issues, LOT Polish Airlines, and Andrzej Konieczny, CEO, State Forests, recently signed a letter of intent on cooperation in the implementation of the Carbon Forest Project.

The assumptions and anticipated effects of the undertaking which aims at increasing the amount of carbon dioxide captured and stored by forests were presented during the international climate conference COP24 in Katowice and attracted a lot of interest.

“We respond to the challenges which are today of concern of the entire world. Climate change caused, among others, by greenhouse gases, including CO2, affect forests, as well: trees suffer from ever more frequent droughts and rapid natural disasters. Therefore, we should reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere simultaneously reducing the emissions of the gas and increasing its absorption. In the latter, the role of forests is clear, as they naturally absorb CO2 during photosynthesis,” said Konieczny.