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LOT Develops it’s Hub in Budapest

LOT has been consistently expanding its network of connections from Budapest.

On 22 September LOT is going to launch non-stop long-haul flights to Seoul and on March 30, 2020 LOT is going to launch six new destinations - Sofia, Prague, Belgrade, Stuttgart, Bucharest and Brussels, thereby operating 12 routes from Budapest.

The launch of new international flights from Hungary marks another stage of market consolidation in Central and Eastern Europe, of which LOT is currently becoming an undisputed leader.

“Today we are announcing another stage of the development of LOT’s hub in Budapest - in less than two months we are going to inaugurate the flight to LOT’s first destination in Asia - from Hungary to Seoul. It is yet another milestone in LOT’s history.

I am certain that our services will meet the expectations of Hungarians and Koreans alike as well as passengers from the entire region of Central and Eastern Europe. Tourism and business potential between Budapest and Seoul is huge - the annual passenger traffic on that route reaches 70,000, and the number of passengers travelling annually between the CEE region and Seoul exceeds 750,000 ,” said, Rafał Milczarski, CEO, LOT Polish Airlines.