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Royal Brunei Airlines Doubles European destinations with BA

Royal Brunei Airlines (RB) guests now have more than double the destinations in the UK and Europe to choose from, thanks to a new Special Prorate Agreement deal with British Airways (BA), which extends Royal Brunei’s network from 11 to 23 airports in the region.

Under the agreement, European hotspots such as Brussels, Rome and Nice will be connected to RB’s award-winning Asia network via London Heathrow.

The short-haul routes will be fulfilled by British Airways, which first partnered with Royal Brunei in 2014, to offer domestic connections to popular UK cities such as Manchester, Glasgow and Leeds Bradford.

RB guest benefits include baggage being checked through to the end destination and all boarding passes issued at a single check-in point, eliminating hassle between transfers.

Karam Chand, CEO, Royal Brunei Airlines, said, “Europe, and particularly the UK, is a vital market for us. British Airways is a renowned airline and we’re delighted to partner with them to add 12 new destinations to our network, bringing more guests from across the region to Royal Brunei Airlines.”