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Cyprus Airways Simulates a Flight for Children with Autism

Cyprus Airways, in cooperation with the Flight Safety Foundation, organised a special event for children with autism on March 26 in relation to the upcoming World Autism Day.

60 children and adults with autism and their guardians visited Larnaca Airport to participate in a scheduled air travel simulation.

The simulation started at the entrance of Larnaca Airport through departures, following all the necessary steps starting from the check-in process and ending on a Cyprus Airways aircraft, where approximately 120 participants, children and guardians, followed the planned procedures and safety instructions ahead of take-off.

Cyprus Airways' aircraft taxied for 15 minutes. The simulation was achieved with the practical support of Hermes Airports and ICTS.

Natalia Popova, commercial chief officer, Cyprus Airways, said, "We were very pleased and willing to respond to the Flight Safety Foundation's request to organise this event by sending an open invitation to the relative parties. With the air travel simulation, we gave children and adolescents with autism, as well as their families, the opportunity to prepare and familiarise themselves with the procedures involved in a flight."