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Hotelbeds Once Again Certified as carbon Neutral

Hotelbeds, one of the world’s leading bedbank, has announced that it has been certified for the second consecutive year as a Carbon Neutral Organisation by Cabon Fooprint, an independent body that accredits carbon management measurements and best practices for businesses, by offsetting companies CO2 emissions.

This prestigious accreditation reflects Hotelbeds’ commitment to reduce its environmental impact and ensure long-term sustainability by offsetting its carbon emissions generated in the past two years.

Due to business travel being one of Hotelbeds’ larger carbon emissions factor, during 2018 the company created a programme whereby a small fee is charged per business flight taken by employees.

This money is then used to finance the carbon neutral project and also forms part of a desire to encourage a reduction in travel and increase company and employee awareness around the importance of carbon offsetting.

In 2018 the funds raised from this programme were donated to the Portel-Pará Deforestation Project, which is located within Brazil’s Amazon, the largest remaining rainforest on our planet, to prevent unplanned deforestation.

For 2019 Hotelbeds has chosen to give the funds to the Renewable Energy Project in India, that manages the installation of solar panels in the country, ensuring energy security, diversification of energy sources and sustainable development in the generation of electricity in India.

As part of the certification process, carbon emission calculations, including energy and paper consumptions, waste management, business travel and water supply, were completed by Hotelbeds, using metrics devised by Carbon Footprint Ltd, the sustainability experts.