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ATECA Hotel Suites ATECA Hotel Suites

ATECA Hotels to Debut in Uzbekistan

ATECA Hotels, a subsidiary of ATECA Holding, is  offering a distinctive hospitality experience to residents and visitors in Tashkent with the opening of ATECA Hotel Suites.

The hotel, centrally located in the Yakkasaroy district Shota Rustaveli merely eight kilometers from Tashkent International Airport,  is undergoing the final finishing touches and is expected in September.

Michel Noblet, executive chairman, ATECA Holding, said, “As we get closer to the opening, ATECA Hotel Suites is looking absolutely stunning and we are soon looking forward to welcome guests. Its outstanding facilities and unique design seamlessly balance the excitement of the destination with moments to relax, refresh and connect. This collaborative approach is seen throughout the hotel’s charming layout and warm service which has been defined to meet the demands of today’s travellers. ATECA Hotel Suites exemplifies our vision for the brand in every way with a host of signature elements.”

Seamlessly connecting life, business and pleasure the hotel’s superb facilities include fascinating dining and entertainment experiences with multiple outlets.

Karimov Kamoladdin, CEO, ATECA Holding, said, “Featuring a superb choice of impeccably designed rooms equipped with first rate amenities and the latest technology and entertainment options, ATECA Hotel Suites offers more for less. Every room is meticulously configured to maximise space, light and efficiency. The deluxe hotel has been conceptualised to welcome guests to the heart of Tashkent with an extensive array of facilities and services to make their stay comfortable and enjoyable.”

Tourism is emerging as a key pillar of Uzbekistan’s economy with the republic dedicated to the development and diversification of its hotel industry.