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Registration of Self-Service Accommodation in Cyprus

The Deputy Ministry of Tourism in Cyprus  has announced that the amending law, which refers to the regulation on the establishment and operation of hotels and tourist accommodations (Amending) Law of 2020, includes, among other things, the addition of provisions for the creation of registers for the registration of self-employed ‘Self-Service (sharing economy) accommodation establishments’.

To facilitate the registration of entrepreneurs and other interested parties for registration in the register, the Deputy Ministry of Tourism clarified the following:

According to the provisions of the law, the self-catering accommodation is divided into there subcategories: 

  1. Tourist Furnished Villas
  2. Tourist Furnished Residences
  3. Apartments

For the purpose of registering the self-service accommodation in the register of the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, an online platform will be created, through which the interested parties will be able to register their accommodation and secure the special operating signal and registration permit.

According to the plans of the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, the process of registering self-catering accommodation is expected to begin in the first months of 2021 and the entire registration process will be done exclusively through a special online platform.

It should be noted that the entrepreneur / applicant of the self-catering accommodation may advertise and / or rent the self-catering accommodation, provided that this is registered in the Register of Self-Service Accommodation and has received a special signature. in advertising and / or in the promotion of accommodation, as well as in all relevant transactions.

It is emphasised that any self-service accommodation that operates before the entry into force of the Regulation on the Establishment and Operation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodations of Amending Law 9 (I) / 2020 must comply with its provisions until January 01, 2022.

It is also emphasised that until the moment of registration in the relevant register, any self-service accommodation can be rented and / or rented, provided that the entrepreneur will pay the corresponding income / VAT tax to the state and overnight fees to the local authority.

Also, for the purposes of covering the key issues associated with the various risks that may arise during the operation of a self-catering accommodation, entrepreneurs are advised to provide basic equipment and information within the accommodation.

It is important to note that the Deputy Ministry of Tourism has the ability to self-inspect any self-catering accommodation, to verify the existence of a registration permit, as well as compliance with the terms of registration of the accommodation by the entrepreneur.